Get scroll-stopping, sales-making UGC video ads

Harness the power of social selling with high-impact videos that grow your ecom biz. Quick, on-demand & hassle-free.
Get your first video for $299*
*One time offer: get your first video for $299 (or free) when you upgrade to a quarterly plan after.
Better videos get better ad results. Ours are expert-designed to perform.

High performance video ads 
are made here

Product In Use
Product Feature
Unboxing Videos
Product In Use
Product Feature
Unboxing Videos
We are our your outsourced Video Marketing Officers (VMOs)!

VideoLab video ads are strategically produced for high-ROI results

As an expert team, we help increase your ROAS with authentic 
videos created by real people.
Drive Conversions
Use social proof and drive your audience to take valuable action - whatever your conversion goal is.
Generate Leads
Expand selling potential by collecting valuable details about your target audience for your mailing list.
Boost Engagement
Increase your reach on social media with loyal brand ambassadors that increase audience interaction (more comments, shares and likes!) 
Increase Traffic
Build your credibility by leveraging video ads to boost brand reach and drive traffic to a destination (like your website).
Inspire Installs
Push people to download your killer app with UGC style promotional content.
We've worked across every industry to produce videos that generate more traffic, leads, & sales.
Certified experts

VideoLab is your ROAS-increasing 
secret weapon on every paid platform!

Are you ready to maximize 
your ROAS?

Get your first video for $299!*
One time offer: get your first video for $299 (or FREE) when you upgrade to a quarterly plan after.

How do we work?

We're a video ad creation team that just gets it, streamlining the video ad creation process into just 3 steps.

Set your video marketing goals

As your outsourced VMOs, we invest in getting to know everything about you, your brand and your product or service. Then, we set marketing objectives, tailoring them to your goals.

We get to work producing your video!

Send us the content you already have, or work with our expert content creators for new content. Our content creation service is 100% done-for-you: all you do is approve the talent we pick.

Get your high impact video!

Whether you select a 1 or 2 week delivery, your video arrives straight to your inbox - ready to post, promote, and generate results.
No hidden costs. No surprise invoices.

Pricing you'll love almost as
much as our videos

Select the plan that works for you and your budget.
/ Month
+ One-time $45 setup fee*
Waived in the quarterly plan*
3 Videos per Month
+ Peace Of Mind Guarantee!
Our white glove service means we strategize video concepts, handpick talent & deliver video ads based on your unique marketing goals. You’ll always get 1 complimentary round of revisions per video!
Dedicated Video Strategist
You’ll get a dedicated expert video strategist optimizing your video ads at every stage of your marketing funnel: working with your unique goals.
3 Talent Recordings

You get to pick them!
Access our verified talent pool with up to 3 unique recordings a month - you pick how they’re distributed.
Get started
Get 5+ Videos A Month
Need more videos every month? Talk to us to get a custom plan for video ads at scale.
We’ll Build, Test & Optimize Your Paid Campaigns
We're campaign pros. Work with our experts manage your entire ad funnel, split test creatives, build your ad sets & audiences & deliver outstanding results.
Professional Shoots
Need studio level quality? We’ll deliver high production videos with a professional studio crew.
Agency Solutions
Have multiple client accounts? Get customized turnkey campaign management and video content delivery for your accounts. Enterprise plans for more than 5 videos/month.
Get started
Additional features may be applied on demand, per-video basis
Not ready to commit to a plan?
Try us out with a no-commitment one-off video for $299. If you upgrade to a plan after, it’s free.
Get Your First Video For $299
Looking for a team that ticks all the boxes?

You found us

We offer unbeatable content creation on-demand.

We're an expert creative team in your pocket

You don't need an entire film crew for a short video ad.  Videolab gives you the pro team without the high cost.

We can shoot quality custom content on-demand

We can use your UCG or you can use our professional team to make your vision a reality. Whether you need one actor (or 5), platform-specific videos, or on-brand motion graphics, we're your trusted team.

We have a diverse talent pool (no expensive casting agency here)

Regardless of how specific your desired demographic profile is, we can source them, because we have them in our talent pool.

We always deliver: on-time & on-budget

Our team values deadlines and bottom lines as much as you do. Get your videos in 2 weeks (or less).

Expensive, low-performing videos 
have no place in your video ad strategy.

Get your first video for $299!

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